Instant Ready

We are already mining! Our current hash-rate is over 400Th/s.


We provide Day plan trial for new comer or upto a year hashing packages in very Competitive Pricing.

Use you own Pool

You can choose the mining pool of your choice, use you own mining Pool and worker or we build for you.

Hashing Power

Buy exactly the amount of hashing power you want, when you want it.

24/7 Services

24/7 Excellent Customer Service Chat Online.

No Obligation

No obligation to continue mining once the term expires.

Not Just Bitcoin

We support mining for all cryptocurrencies in SHA-256 Hash Algorithm, like Namecoin, Peercoin, PPCoin, Devcoin, Terracoin, Ixcoin, Freicoin, Takicoin, etc.

Paypal Creditcard Accepted

You could pay service by Paypal or creditcard in Paypal platform.

We accept Bitcoins

If you have Bitcoins, just use it! Simple with no charge!