Earn More Money!

Bring a friend and receive 5% of the referred user’s 1st time purchase, in Cash, paid by Paypal or BTC, in your choice!!


How does our referral program work?

  • You receive a referral link (like : http://www.ecardhk.com?refer=XXXX), which you are able to distribute among your friends, for them to sign up and start using PacificHashing.com
  • As soon as your referred user buys his first order (From trail day plan, or upto year plan) – you will receive CASH bonus, in a equivalent of 5% from the referred user’s 1st order.


  • This offer only applies to PacificHashing.com users in good standing with the company.
  • CASH Bonus will only be issued if your referred user used your personal link  to sign up for a PacificHashing.com account.
  • This offer is not valid where prohibited by law, or in any jurisdiction whose laws materially affect the terms of this offer.

Changes in terms of use

  • PacificHashing.com reserves the right to revoke CASH bonus for violations to its Terms of Use, fraud, refunds, cancellations and charge-backs or a substantial change in business circumstances.
  • Details of the program are subject to change without notice.


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